Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Iconic Book Covers

I think we would all agree that one of the first steps to discovering a great book is a great book cover.  How many times have you found yourself standing in a book store, looking at the new releases?  How do you decide which one to pick up? Which one might strike your fancy?

It's all about the book cover!

A great book cover will catch your eye, draw you in, and make you wonder what the book is about.  It makes you wonder what journey is waiting for you within its front and back cover. Is there murder, mystery, romance, sci-fi, action, adventure....?  The possibilities are endless!

Even if you're looking online for a Kindle or Nook version, the book cover is what catches your eye and draws you in.  Unless someone has specifically recommended a book to me, or I'm buying the latest offering of a favorite author, the book cover is what leads me to take the time and read the synopsis to decide if I want to read it or not.  

So, we can't overstate how vital this aspect of book publishing is.  When it came to The Razing, I wanted every aspect of the cover to symbolically represent the theme of the entire series.  Symbolism and/or typology are used heavily throughout ancient works of literature.  Once you know the symbols, you can then interpret its meaning.

Therefore, from the door covered in various works of art, to the mysterious face that can seen on the front cover; even the colors, once the first trilogy is complete, symbolically represent the overall  theme of the series.

Here's a list of some iconic book covers...some are older, which have stood the test of time...  

Some are newer, which have taken the world by storm.....

but they all draw you in and appeal to your senses; to the promises of adventure waiting to be discovered within their pages.  I hope....dare I say believe.... the book cover of Into the East: The Razing does just that. 

Here's an interesting inside scoop for my fans....the only change the publisher made from my original design was to add a little more definition to the lettering.  Other than that, it's my vision from beginning to end. Pretty cool huh?

What book covers are iconic to you?  Comment below and tell me which ones and why.

Check back soon for my next post.....wherever it may lead us!