Saturday, June 28, 2014

Accented Phonetic Spelling

Have you ever wanted to let out a secret before it was time? 

Well, this gracious reviewer on Amazon picked up on one of those secrets that I want to reveal but I can't at this point.

In the book, I use words like udam, ohema, ananin, Heock, and that annoying word for a unit of distance, ama.  Another person noticed that I was consistent in my usage of these words, and I agree, they appear to be "made up"; but they are not. 

They are actually based on a particular language.  One in which, if I were to reveal it too soon, it would give away a key piece of the story. 

Weird huh? How can funny words that appear made up, but are based on a specific language be a key piece of the story? Well, I'm not going to tell. You'll just have to keep reading. 

Speaking of words, for this next book, The Returning, I'm agonizing over one particular word that I believe will immediately bring many of these elements together.  Should I use it, or not? Should I wait for the third book, or reveal it at the end of the second?  Hmm...I guess you'll just have to keep reading. :)

So, the words are their for a reason, but you won't know that until later. 

I'll give you one clue though - accented phonetic spelling.  

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