Saturday, June 21, 2014

Is it okay if I want to buy everyone a car?

I get so excited when someone enjoys our book enough to give us a favorable review like this one (Amazon Review).  I never thought I could write well enough for anyone to stay up till 5am (like this guy) because they couldn't put it down.  I feel I need to match my excitement with something of equal a car.

Obviously I'm not going to buy a car for everyone, but maybe someday I can if we see enough of these books get into everyone hands.  In the beginning, I actually wanted to give them away for free (still do, but my wife and the publisher think otherwise. She not greedy mind you.  She just handles the finances and knows that I'm not looking at the bigger picture. That's a lot to put in brackets isn't it. :)

So...I don't have really much to say in this post except to say, thank you to everyone that is enjoying the adventure with me. I can't wait tell you get to see the next book.

J.A. Davis


  1. It's a great book! It really appeals to a wide audience and you should be very proud of it. I've recommended it to so many of my friends and family!

  2. Thank you so much. We get excited every time we hear when someone enjoys our book. I also get excited at a large pepperoni pizza, but that is an entirely different matter. :) Thanks again for your support.